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Mediterranean and Middle East

Mediterranean and Middle East


Fischer & Rechsteiner is the partner who can solve your transport problems with the Mediterranean/ME Countries. Behind our name, there is an experience increased since 1953, through several groupage containers and trailers weekly shipped to/from these specific destinations: since the first shipments in the traditional way till the containers use of nowadays, professionalism and quality have always been the standard characteristics of our services. To be leaders in the sea groupage shipments means to guarantee very frequent sailings, to consolidate the goods directly in our terminal specifically equipped for this purpose, to examine carefully the sale documents, to issue valid documents to negotiate the credit, etc.


When the moment to choose the forwarders for your goods transport in the Mediterranean/ME area comes, you can trust Fischer & Rechsteiner, where also the small shipment get the utmost attention. It will not be easy to find – in one single blow – somebody with the same know-how in this specific market branch and with such a wide choice of destinations among the Mediterranean Countries. Everywhere you send your goods in the Mediterranean, we will help you to do it in the best way. Without any problem and with the utmost safety and liability. In Italy you can find an excellent partner to handle your shipments and your clients will not repent to meet us in every Country in the Mediterranean/ME area.

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