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Ocean transports

LCL (Less Container Loads) – Groupage

ocean international trasports

All the shipments, also the smallest groupage, can benefit of the shipment in container/trailer, with all the safety offered by the containerization, and are represented by a documentary and negotiable bill. Many of the sea groupage services offered by Fischer & Rechsteiner are strictly and regularly consolidated at our terminal, specifically equipped for the loading and the co-ordination of these containers. In fact, we dispose of a warehouse of about 3.000 sq. mts. with the possibility of moving both 20′ and 40′ containers (crane with a carring capacity of 16 tons and 30 tons). The departures are regular with several sailings a week: the long term relationships with the most important shipping lines working on the lines served by us permit to us to be very flexible in booking the containers and we can co-ordinate them directly at our terminal. The market shares reached put us in the position of shipping our containers/trailers at every available vessel sailing, therefore with an high frequency, offering to our clients competitive conditions. The transit-times are among the best ones on the market and, thanks to a selected network of skilful foreign agents, the service quality standard is the same both at the departure and at the arrival. Our customers can, moreover, rely on several facilities covering the customs consulence, the container consolidation, the goods storage and the distribution.

FCL (Full Container Loads)

We offer a global and well organized and integrated handling of the shipments from loading to delivery. We dispose of reserved and guaranteed spaces with the main part of the shipping lines so that we can assure a faster service. We assure the customs and logistic assistance at the shipping and arrival ports. Thanks to our solid ralationships with the main shipping lines, we can guarantee very good freight rates. Working with a forwarder offering a long term experience in the sea traffics such as Fischer & Rechsteiner , in case of FCL shipments, the client has the possibility to meet, in one only interlocutor, specific and competitive solutions for the destinations of his interest.

LCF/FCL opp. FCL/LCL - Personalized container

Under request and on the base of the Italian and foreign clients’ exigences, we load and co-ordinate personalized containers, with goods of one only supplier addressed to different consignees (FCL/LCL) or with goods of several Italian suppliers to one only client abroad (LCL/FCL). We get in touch with the suppliers checking the dates when goods are ready and the dimensions and characteristics of the several lots in order to combine them exploiting all the container room, and verifing also the picks-up times and places. In this way such kind of expeditions can represent an interesting alternative not to be disregarded – when the goods quantitaties permit them – for the mix of transport costs competitiveness and the service quality got.


  • Goods pick-up/delivery

    When requested, we have the possibility of organizing with an extremely short delay the goods pick-up at the senders’ premises by our fleet vehicles and, for imports, the delivery to consignee.

  • Storage

    At our equipped warehouses of 4.000 sq. mts. it is possible to store the goods before or after the shipment.

  • Packages

    Under request, we take care furthermore of preparing the adeguated packages (parcels – palletts – crates) and the correct packages labels. In partnership with specialized selected operators, we propose solutions for goods packages suitable for sea, air and road transport, offering our clients in this way the possibility to ship in the best way and times.

  • Information and supervision

    The lots of goods shipped with our services (both LCL and FCL) are costantly kept under control with the possibility to check in any moment their position through the most modern and efficient information services.

  • Transparent quotations

    For all the services very clear and easily understandable quotations are presented and at very competitve prices. Contact us to check the ones you are most interested in!

  • Documents

    To make easier the often difficult bureaucratic import/export operations, we offer to our clients, under request, our assistance in filling in the papers of their competence. Moreover, we take care of issuing and supervisioning any kind of documents according to each shipment: foreign papers where requested, documents authentications and consular visa, assistance in getting the licenses by the Chamber of Commerce, preparation of origin certificates, Letters of Credit analysis, division and distribution of the documents according to the instructions and requests of each shipment.

  • Bills of lading

    We issue, directly at our offices, any kind of “bill of lading” according to the sale documents. As you know, the “bill of lading” is an important document, indeed essential, in the sea transport: Fischer & Rechsteiner is in the position of issuing directly on the base of the clients’ specific exigences (and of the letter of credit clauses, if any) any kind of bill of lading necessary to respect the transport conditions and, consequently, to negotiate the credit by sender’s side with the banks (“Fiata bill of lading”, “FER/house bill of lading” and “Ocean bill of lading” of which FER are only carriers).

  • CAD service against documents

    Presentation of the documents directly at the foreign banks in real time in relation with the transport times (and under our responsability). This is an important element, above all for the lines with shirt T/T (as for shipments on Mediterranean). The fact that the CAD can be quickly co-ordinated at destination is a generally an appreciated factor both by senders and consignees.

  • All-risks insurance

    Through an insurance broker direcly connected with us, we issue the insurance certificate directly at our offices. The insurance premia offered are among the lowest ones on the market and, in case of accident, the damage settlement is very quick.

  • Specialized service of refrigerated full containers

    Use of specialized carriers in the handling of refrigerated containers, possibility of supply of data loggers to be inserted inside the containers for temperature control.